Are Shipping Container Homes Just a Fad?

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Are Shipping Container Homes Just a Fad?

shipping container homes

With eco-friendliness becoming more common with every passing year, the market for repurposing shipping containers into sustainable homes is picking up pace. While these homes are on the less expensive side and helpful in reducing the overflow of used up, abandoned shipping containers, one has to wonder just how long their popularity will last.

Are shipping container homes here to stay, or will their popularity decline over the next few years? Porta-Stor will discuss some of the factors surrounding that question below.

Ordering Your Home Online

The idea of ordering a pre-fabricated home is not new. Pre-fabricated houses have been bought and used by families around the world for decades. It’s the idea of a used shipping container being turned into a home that’s only just arisen within the past few years. In fact, you can order these shipping container homes already built for you directly from! And if you’re a handy person, you can also order blueprints and build a shipping container home all by yourself.

So what’s making the pre-fab home idea pick up more speed? Below are a few reasons why this trend may be more than just a passing fad:

Cost Effectiveness

With the median cost of a house in the US rising to about $245,000, it’s getting tougher for people to go out and buy a home, whether it’s for starting a family or retiring. Homeownership is an increasingly expensive move, especially since lenders have tightened the reigns on loans.

Taking a look at what it costs to build or buy shipping container homes, the prospects of building a sustainable home with less overhead than a regular house quickly turns into an appealing idea. Depending on the size and condition of the shipping container, it could cost you anywhere from $1,500 to $4,500 on the initial purchase. There are also manufacturers out there who sell pre-fab shipping container homes ready to go, starting as low as $15,000.

With the adaptability and price of these shipping containers, the options are endless for all the bells and whistles you might want to add on to your home. All of this adds up to far less money overall than renovating, tearing down, or building a brand new traditional house.

Conservation is Cool

With reusing and recycling on many people’s minds, there is also a rising demand for more minimalist living. This method of living is growing in popularity by both limiting possessions and minimizing each individual’s effect on the environment. Shipping container homes require less upkeep, use less energy, and are more about function over fashion. With the cost effectiveness of shipping container homes and lesser impact on the environment, this new wave of homes seems to be here to stay for the environmentally conscious homeowner.


Another factor that makes the shipping container home so appealing is the mobility that such a home offers. Many people find themselves on the move for work, family, or other obligations, so the ability to easily ship your home to a new location is a great perk. These are shipping containers after all, and that was their primary function. Imagine being able to lock up your home and ship it across the country to its new location with minimal alterations. What a great stress relief to not have to find that new perfect apartment or home for the next two years.

The Ability to Choose

When you start shopping for a new home, there will be certain features you look for, and it’s guaranteed that you won’t find all of those things in a single already-built home. That leaves you the option of building your own home in order to get all those custom features you want. That option gets very pricy very fast. If you choose to use a shipping container home, you can get all of the custom features you’re looking for in a house. You can easily update and change what you want in your home with less time and money than if you were to build and/or update a larger, less adaptable home.

Modular Living

Another benefit of shipping container housing is its use in larger-scale housing projects. There are examples of shipping containers being used for apartment buildings, student housing, homeless shelters, and more. These complexes are wonderful as quick, easy, and cheap housing options for areas that are struggling to fit everyone in.

Overall, the appeal of shipping container homes does not seem like it will be losing ground any time soon. The environmentally friendly recycling aspect and the ability to adapt and move the home on demand are features that people are seeking out more and more these days. If anything, it’s likely that you’ll be seeing more shipping container homes popping up as time goes on.

If you want more info on the process of building a shipping container home, from getting permits to planning the finishing touches, check out Porta-Stor’s blog here!


Spring Cleaning Tips – Will You Need Extra Storage Space This Year?

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Spring Cleaning Tips – Will You Need Extra Storage Space This Year?

spring cleaning tips

What is it about the spring months that makes people feel like we to clean and purge our houses top to bottom? Part of the reason is that in many locations, there’s a rotation of seasonal items from storage to more accessible spots. From clothing and linens to seasonal tools and sports equipment, you may have many belongings that you don’t use in the colder months but will need in the warmer ones. As the weather warms up, it’s time to put away the heavy sweaters and big blankets and pull out the short sleeves and lighter linens. Open the windows to air out your home, and feel the warm breeze flowing in. What better time of year to lighten the weight of stuff in your home and get reorganized for the busy warmer months ahead?

Spring cleaning is a daunting task, and you can easily feel overwhelmed by the process. That’s why Porta-Stor has put together a small list of spring cleaning tips to help you get started, so you can get it over with quickly and move on to more exciting spring activities!

Declutter Room by Room

There’s no need to get everything accomplished in one day. Spend a week or more on the decluttering process, making sure to completely go through one room at a time. Each day, pick a room and go through everything in it. That way you won’t be left with a whole house in disarray until the job gets done.

Make sure you have three piles ready. One for trash, one for donation, and one for items to sell. As you clear out the clutter from each room, either put the item away where it belongs or put it into one of those three piles.

At the end of the day, take the trash bag out to your garbage can, and put the items to donate into your trunk to be taken away. This way, those items are out of your home, and you are ready to move on to the next room. Complete this process for every room and closet in your home until you’ve been through your entire house. You can read more about decluttering here.

Improve Your Organization

You have decluttered every room and closet, but now you need to go back through and make sure that every thing has a good place. For instance, do you seem to have a charger from some electronic device in literally every room of your home? Start creating places in your house for certain items to go, and make sure your family knows the new system. This way, you will limit your time decluttering or looking for something the next time you clean up. Completing this task for certain items is also a good way to get rid of duplicates or things that your family no longer needs.

Going Through the Storage Areas

Now that you’ve tackled the inside of your home, it’s time to go through the garageatticbasement, and/or shed. These are the places where larger items accumulate, especially seasonal ones or those you’re unsure of what else to do with.

The first step is to sort. Weather permitting, move everything out of the garage and onto your driveway. Pull everything down from the attic. Getting your belongings out into the open will make it easier to go through them, clean, and get the job done. This is the time to throw out those deflated basketballs, broken lamps, or anything else that’s no longer able to serve its purpose. If you have gear for sports your children are no longer playing, consider selling or donating those items. Get rid of anything you don’t expect to use again.

Next, place sturdy shelving in your storage areas if you need extra space. This is an easy task that can greatly improve your space and organization. Then start putting everything you’re keeping back in its place, so you can find it when you need it.

If there are just too many larger items that you need to keep, but you want the garage space for something else (like actually getting your car in there), consider renting out a portable storage container for those larger and seasonal items. That way they are kept secure, clean, out of the way, and easy to get to when you do need them!

Deep Clean It All

Now that you‘ve cleared out and organized all the nooks and crannies of your home, it’s time to clean, clean, clean! First, you should dust everything from the baseboards to the ceiling fans. Clean your carpets and floors, remembering the spaces under the beds and shelves.

Set up a box in your garage or hall closet that you can have at the ready for anything you want to donate throughout the year. This will help cut down on clutter and allow you to always purge things your family doesn’t need any longer. As the box gets full, take it to your local charity of choice and set up another empty box .

When You Need a Storage Container

As you clear out the clutter from your home, you may find that you have more things to keep than space to store it. It’s okay – you just need to use a portable storage container to hold some of your extra belongings! From holiday decor to your snow-blower, seasonal gear is perfect material for long-term storage. Sorting seasonal and larger, rarely used items into a storage container can free up tons of space in your home. Surround yourself with the things you’ll enjoy and actually use to make the most of your living space!

There’s no fool-proof, effortless way to spring clean your home, and not all of these ideas will fit what you need to do. The best thing you can do is take it at your own pace and clear out what you no longer need. This will leave your home clean, fresh, and organized.

How to Create a Professional Portable Office at Any Job Site

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How to Create a Professional Portable Office at Any Job Site

portable office

When you pass by any type of construction site, you’ll see mounds of dirt, gravel, and loads of work trucks sitting at every angle while the earth gets dug up and thrown around. Even the dirtiest of job sites will be clean and beautiful when everything is complete, but until that happens, messy work still needs to get done no matter what’s being built there. Any job site is sure to have visitors come by to see the progress, talk to the people in charge, exchange paperwork, and perform countless other tasks involved in any business. But how can you accomplish this in a professional way while you’re surrounded by the open air, dirt, and heavy machinery?

No matter the job site, any one of them can benefit from having a small professional space on-site. Using a shipping container for this type of space is both cost and space efficient. It allows for a professional portable office to be placed on top of the bare dirt on the job site location. Below, Porta-Stor will go over a couple of situations where it would be beneficial to place a shipping container on-site to use as a smart, convenient meeting spot.

A Separate Workspace

If you’re working on-site at a construction area, you’re going to need somewhere to complete your office work, from phone calls to paperwork. What better way to create this space for yourself and the other workers than by converting a shipping container into an office space? IT, electrical services, engineers, managers, architects, and other workers will love the ability to use this area as a clean, quiet, and professional portable office space on-site. It will keep the people, electronics, and paperwork out of the elements.

A Meeting Room

Such a portable office is also a great meeting spot for you to collaborate with key developers for a project. A modified shipping container is a great spot to hold meetings for various reasons. Setting up an on-site meeting spot like this is a great way to maximize the efficiency of the builders, because they won’t need to travel to meetings off-site. It will also allow for investors to come to the site and see the work being done first-hand.

This meeting space can be a simple setup that’s complete with a boardroom table, chairs, and wiring for lighting and communications. You can add some professional finishes like putting up drywall on the inside walls as well as some flooring. Setting this up at the start of a project can be done fairly quickly and start serving as a great meeting spot just as the job site gets going.

A Showroom for Potential Buyers

One of the best ways to use a shipping container on-site is as a showroom for any potential buyers coming by the site. For example, if you’re working on a new condo development, a showroom becomes one of the best tools for building sales. This is especially true if the job site is still in rough shape, making it hard for the buyers to envision the completed product.

Setting up an artist’s rendering of the complex, as well as having information and samples, is an important selling tool. This showroom will give the project designers a space to present some of the details and finishes that would be included in each unit and allow the buyers to see floor plans, pricing options, and other important information all in the same place. An on-site showroom also gives the potential buyer an idea of the commute to and from the area as well.

These are just a few ideas of how an on-site shipping container could be used to help set up a professional space in no time. There are many other ways to make the most of your on-site space, based on you and your business’s needs.

If you want more information on portable shipping containers, moving, and storage, check out Porta-Stor’s other blogs, such as this one that goes over the best moving apps!

Store On-Site with Porta-Stor

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Store On-Site with Porta-Stor

store on-site

Many situations require extra storage space. Preparing for large gatherings and eventsmoving from one location to another, and making more room in your basementattic, and garage are just a few examples.

In these situations, you may have considered using a storage container but weren’t sure where you would actually be able to store the container itself. Luckily for you, Porta-Stor is here to help! For just $50/month, Porta-Stor will store your belongings on-site in their shipping containers. Not only can the container be sent directly to your door and taken away when you’re done, but it will also stay out of your hair for as long as you need! Here are some situations in which you may need to store something on-site at Porta-Stor:

A Bad Time for Moving

You’ve just bought a house and it’s time to pack up and move in to your new home. Your current home is already rented out or sold, and the time has come to get out of there. Hold on though, your closing date on your new home has been pushed back, and you still need to move out of your current place! This is a case where being able to store on-site would be a great option for you. You’ll know that your belongings are safe and secure on-site at Porta-Stor while you wait for your new home to be ready.

Your Job Moves You

Your boss calls you into his or her office and asks if you’re willing to travel out of town for a few months for a job opportunity. Sure you are, but what about your apartment and all of your belongings? If you need to be out of town for a longer period of time, but don’t want the cost of rent in two places, then storing your home furnishings on-site might be a good option for you!

Your Business is Relocating or Remodeling

If you have a business that needs to relocate to a smaller location for a while due to renovation or move, you may need to store some of your furniture, tools, or inventory until you get to your new permanent spot. Using the on-site option for storage could be a good choice for you and your business, as you move from one spot to the other.

These are just a few of the scenarios that may come up that could benefit from the option of on-site storage. It’s nice to know that Porta-Stor allows for you to use one of their storage containers at their location if you need to for a low cost of $50 a month. This is a real cost-saver when you start to look at many other storage options. If this is a solution you think you may need, give Porta-Stor a call today at 1-800-833-7744!