Commercial Storage Rental in Fillmore

Commercial Storage Rental in Fillmore

If you are looking for a storage container for your commercial needs Porta Stor is the solution for you. Large or small our containers are suitable for storing records and inventory for your growing office or warehouse.

We provide clean, secure, water tight and weather resistant steel containers that will protect your inventory. We offer five commercial portable storage containers in different sizes and four of the five come with a removable shelving system, free of charge if needed.

Learn More About Our Containers

Typical storage applications implemented by commercial businesses may include:

  • Seasonal Inventory
  • Office Furniture
  • Machinery
  • Warehouse Equipment

Our commercial portable storage containers have been a major help to Large and Small Office buildings, Auto Part Stores, Furniture Stores, Gyms and much more.

With our free delivery and removal throughout Santa Barbara, Ventura and Los Angeles County we have the best prices around (compare here).  We will also transport containers between locations with our low cost “respot” fee, making us the best option for you.

Call for questions about Commercial Storage Rental in Fillmore.


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