Seasonal Sports Equipment Storage

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Seasonal Sports Equipment Storage

sports equipment

When the seasons change, so do the sports that get played. As those seasonal sports switch out with the weather, what are the teams and organizations supposed to do with all of the bulky sports equipment until the next season rolls around? You don’t want football pads getting in the way of basketball practice, and you definitely don’t want gear to get damaged by being shoved into a small storage room. It might be time to look into using a portable storage container for those piles of seasonal sports gear stacked in the corner of your locker room. Let’s take a look at some ways that a portable storage container is a great solution for sports equipment storage.

Portable Storage Benefits

Portable storage containers provide several benefits that can aid a sports team. They are large and can contain a lot of equipment. Not only will a shipping container hold lots of gear, but it can also be easily moved wherever you need it. Have your equipment follow the team to another city with ease! They’re also durable, so they won’t be easily damaged by rough use while providing the security and protection you need to keep your gear safe. They can come in a variety of sizes with extra modification options, such as shelving and climate control.

Container Sizes

If you’re considering using a portable storage container, you have several options to choose from when it comes to size. Using one or more smaller storage containers allows for more organization and even greater mobility. On the other hand, a larger container is a cheaper, simpler option that lets you store a lot of gear in one location. As you store those items, you can put the gear you need for the upcoming season up front, rotating the sports equipment according to the schedule.

Storage Ideas for Sports Equipment

When you put that gear into storage, there are a few things you should do before closing up and securing it until next season:

  • Inspect everything to ensure that your gear is in good condition and safe to use for the next season.
  • Take care of any needed repairs to gear before you store it.
  • Properly clean all the equipment.
  • Do an inventory to see if you need to replace anything.
  • Use a clean sheet or linen to cover larger equipment, to keep it safe from dust, moisture, and small dings.
  • Store the equipment in an organized way and label everything.

Sports that Require the Most Storage Space

Not all sports need a storage solution, but there are a handful that use a large amount of gear. Coaches and players of these sports might find themselves running out of room to store their gear in the off seasons. Portable storage containers provide a safer, more secure way to store this stuff. Let’s take a look at which sports may benefit the most from using such a container:

Golf – Golf can be a fun activity for all ages throughout all seasons, but the gear is a hassle. Those heavy golf bags and clubs are bulky and awkward to store. Individuals tend to store this gear in their trunk or garage. This is okay for short periods of time, but they really should be stored in a climate-controlled area. If the clubs have too much exposure to the elements, it will decrease their longevity. A portable storage container is great for groups of golfers who want a centralized location to store all the gear away from their homes.

Soccer – Soccer is a sport with gear that will quickly overtake a garage or locker room. With shin guards, cleats, portable goals, and balls, the space taken up can add up fast. Unless you want to be replacing these pieces of gear each season, you might consider a temperature-controlled storage container. Protecting the equipment from the elements and away from the high-traffic areas will help keep it ready to use when the next season rolls around.

Football – All the gear that comes with this sport seems to be larger than life. From helmets and pads to practice equipment, there’s no way to properly store all of this stuff in a garage or closet. Using a portable container for football equipment storage will save you headache, space, and money by keeping it organized, clean, and ready to grab next fall.

[bctt tweet=”Using a portable container for football equipment storage will save you headache, space, and money by keeping it organized, clean, and ready to grab next fall.”]

Snow Sports – Snow gear is usually awkwardly shaped and bulky. Also, depending on your location, it can only be used for certain times of the year, so it’s an obvious sport to make use of a storage container. Setting your skis or snowboard up straight in a storage container and keeping your snow suits hung up and covered will ensure that they’re ready to use when that first snow falls next year.

Water Sports – Keeping your jet skis, boats, and other water sports gear protected in a storage container will give you peace of mind that they will be protected from the elements until you’re ready to pull them out next season. Not to mention how much space this sports equipment can take up. Using a storage container will give you your space back in your garage and driveway while saving you money on having to replace the gear that got worn down from improper storage.

Making sure your sports gear is clean, safe, and stored properly will keep it ready to use at the start of the next season. Making sure it’s organized and clearly labeled will also let you know where your gear is at all times. Bring your team’s equipment along to travel for away games or keep it protected at home as long as necessary. As you transition to the next sports season, think about using a portable storage container to keep your gear safe and organized, so you and your team can enjoy the new year without the gear of last season’s sports getting in your way.

Don’t need sports equipment storage, but interested in learning how to utilize a portable storage container for other seasonal items? Check out Porta-Stor’s blog here!


Church and School Storage Solutions

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Church and School Storage Solutions

school storage

There are many situations that call for the extra storage and protection that a secure portable storage container provides. You could use one to get your belongings out of the way for a home remodeling, to expand your business, or to provide extra office or storage space on-site.

In addition to these ideas, churches and schools in particular can really benefit from this type of extra storage space. Oftentimes these buildings struggle to provide enough space inside to hold the larger items that are only needed at certain times of the year or for specific events. These items might need to be stored nearby in a secure, accessible location. They might also need to be moved to other buildings when another school or church requires them. A portable storage container kept on location provides all of these advantages and more! Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways that portable storage containers can provide a solution for many church and school storage problems.

School Storage Needs

Schools need to store a lot of bulky items for the students to use throughout the year. Often these items are only pulled out for a month or two and then placed back into storage. If your school doesn’t have enough storage space, this can be a big problem. Here are some of the types of items that can be stored on- or off-site for your school in a portable storage container:

Sports gear – With the changing sports season comes the need to store the previous sport’s gear until next year. Many schools don’t have enough space to store the larger sized equipment.

Extra Furniture – Schools require a large amount of folding chairs, desks, and other larger pieces of furniture, and there’s often not enough space to house it without taking up precious learning space.

Records Storage – Schools need to keep records of things for long periods of time. Those records take up a lot of space, especially since many districts have yet to completely switch over to digital. Using a storage container on-site will keep them secure and within easy reach.

Bulk Items – Extra textbooks, school supplies, donation drive goods, and other miscellaneous items need a lot of storage space until they’re needed.

Studio/Workspace – A storage containers could be used as an art workshop space, a robotics team workspace, and more. Not only does it provide the extra needed space to work, but it can also store the supplies safely until the next meet-up.

Extra Classroom Space – There are times when school enrollment outgrows the size of the school. Adding onto a school can take a lot of time. Until a more permanent solution is found, a storage container that has been modified into an office space can be placed on-site and used as an extra classroom to help hold the overflow of students. In fact, there are places that use shipping container schools regularly!

Church Storage Needs

Churches have a lot of the same types of storage problems as schools (and some unique ones of their own), including:

Seasonal Items – Holiday decorations and other seasonal supplies are only needed during certain times of the year. These types of items can take up valuable space that would have a better use without all the stuff filling it up.

Overflow of Furniture – Churches often host dinners and other events that require a lot of tables and chairs. A portable storage unit sitting on-site is a great place to house these items when not in use. Supplies can be kept clean, organized, and easily accessible for those weekly/monthly events.

Bulk Items – Churches also require storage space for plenty of other types of bulky items, such as linens, candles, books, and more.

Community Needs – Many churches have food pantries and host other types of donation drives. A portable storage unit on-site is a great way to store the food and keep it organized and ready to distribute. If set up right, one could simply open the container doors on days the food pantry is open and help those families choose what they need directly from storage!

[bctt tweet=”The rental of a portable storage container could be exactly what your local church or school needs to help deal with its space problems.”]

The rental of a portable storage container could be exactly what your local church or school needs to help deal with its space problems. It will help organize, store, and protect the items that keep the school or church running smoothly but take up too much space inside. Solve your church or school storage problems with a portable storage container!

Seasonal Storage for Every Time of Year

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Seasonal Storage for Every Time of Year

seasonal storage

No matter the time of year, there’s always extra stuff around the house that needs to be stored. Holiday decorations, sports gear, seasonal clothing, and outdoor furniture take up a lot of space and need to be put somewhere out of the way. A portable storage container is a great option for storing all those seasonal items, since it not only gets them out of your home, but it also keeps them safe, secure, mobile, and accessible. Below, Porta-Stor will take a look at some items that are best stored in a portable shipping container throughout the months when they’re not being used.

[bctt tweet=”A portable storage container is a great option for storing all those seasonal items, since it not only gets them out of your home, but it also keeps them safe, secure, mobile, and accessible.”]

Spring and Summer Storage

Patio Furniture – This is a big one. When the season changes and it’s time to bring out those comfy patio chairs and enjoy your outdoor dining area, you want to know that the furniture is in good condition and ready for use. The best way to do that is to make sure it’s stored properly and out of the elements. Whether your patio set is made of metal, plastic, or wood, it needs to be stored properly to ensure that it stays in the best condition.

Pool Equipment – When the time comes to winterize your pool or get it ready for the summer season, you want to know that your pool cover is ready to use without tears or weak spots. You also probably want to keep your pool floats, toys, seats, and other bulky equipment out of the way when not in use. Using a portable shipping container to store your pool accessories for the off season can save you time, money, and storage space by keeping these items in good condition, so you don’t have to repair or replace things left out in the changing elements.

Lawn Equipment – Storing all of your lawn care items in your garage takes up space that would be better used for your car or hobbies. These items are bulky and can be dangerous if left sitting around a high-traffic area. Your leaf blower, chain saw, lawn mower, and weed trimmer are all examples of lawn equipment that can be nicely stored and organized in a portable shipping container.

Fall and Winter Storage

Holiday Decorations – These boxes of seasonal decorations can get out of hand quickly. Using a portable storage container to hold everything from outdoor lights to fake plants will give you more space in your home for the rest of the year and help keep these items safe from being broken or getting lost. These items can easily be organized and accessible if you label and stack your boxes properly.

Seasonal Clothing – Using a garment closet inside your portable storage container to house seasonal clothes like sweaters and coats can keep these items clean and safe while giving you back your much-needed closet space.

Other Seasonal Storage Ideas

Sports Gear – Depending on the sport, the gear can be bulky and only in use for a small part of the year, during that sport’s season. Having an area in your portable storage container for sports gear will give you some space back in your garage and closets while keeping the equipment organized and safe. Hockey sticks, assorted balls, football gear, uniforms, and more can be organized and accessed easily if stored in a portable storage container.

College Students – When the school year ends and your college student comes home for the summer, do they return with a dorm room full of furniture and stuff? Use a portable shipping container to keep furniture, school items, and seasonal clothing stored away and safe so it doesn’t take over your home.

Rotation – If you rent or purchase a shipping container, you can set up a seasonal rotation of stored items based on when you’ll need them. This is a good idea for your seasonal outdoor items as well as your holiday decorations and seasonal clothes. Rotate through the current holiday decorations while keeping the other seasonal gear ready and waiting. This will help reduce your stress levels and increase your home space.

Every home could use some extra storage space, and seasonal items are the best things to put into storage. From sports equipment to seasonal clothing to holiday decorations, having a plan for your storage needs and storing your items accordingly can keep you and your belongings ready for every season of the year!

Portable Sports Storage Solutions for School Teams

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Portable Sports Storage Solutions for School Teams

sports storage

There seems to be some type of sport going on year-round at school, whether it’s track, basketball, baseball, football, or soccer. For most sports, along with practices and games, comes a lot of gear. Schools barely have enough classroom space, not to mention adequate space for the coaches and kids to store all of their bulky sports gear, so what is a school supposed to do with all of this stuff?

One option is to look into renting a shipping container. These can sit on-site at the school and not take away from the space inside. Portable sports storage can be rented year-round or only during the off-season. It can also be used to easily transport large amounts of gear across the country, since school sports often require travel. Below, Porta-Stor will take a closer look at what a shipping container can do when it comes to school sports storage!

Off-Season Sports Storage

Once football season is over, it’s time to prepare for basketball season. But what are you supposed to do with all of the practice equipment, uniforms, and protective gear? Sports gear can take up a lot of space – space your next sports team will need for their season and gear.

[bctt tweet=”A portable shipping container makes for a great storage solution for all of that cumbersome off-season sports gear.”]

A portable shipping container makes for a great storage solution for all of that cumbersome off-season sports gear. These containers offer you the space to not only store your team’s gear, but also keep it organized and easily inventoried. With space for shelving and cabinets, you’ll be able to access and keep track of your gear anytime you need it!

Mobile Storage

Portable storage containers are incredibly versatile. Not only can you keep one on-site at the school, but you can also have it moved to another location with ease. Do your sports teams travel a lot for competitions? Have your container of gear shipped to the required location, so you don’t have to haul everything individually.

Storing Other Gear

Does your team have high-tech gear to keep up with the modern competition? Some teams use speakers, headsets, and tablets to communicate on game day. Others drag around recording equipment and drones to film the important games. This type of gear can also be stored in a portable shipping container. Tech gear shouldn’t be stored in high temperature areas, so look into getting a climate controlled container. These shipping containers are safe, secure, hard to tamper with, and can be kept on-site at your school, so you can access this equipment any time.

Band Gear Storage

While band isn’t usually considered a sport, it is an activity that comes with a lot of larger equipment that needs to be stored and shuttled from one location to another along with the sports teams. A portable shipping container can save your band organizer a lot of space and stress by keeping the gear safe and organized. Uniforms can be hung, instruments can be safely stored, and you can have peace of mind knowing that all of it is safe in the container and easy to access for practices and game day performances.

Lockers for Sports Teams

If your school is going through a remodeling or there’s just not enough space in the locker rooms, using a modified shipping container is a great way to give all of your sports teams some extra space for their gear. Sports seasons overlap, meaning that locker space can be tight or nonexistent. Using a shipping container on-site at your school can be just what’s needed for adequate space during those hectic fall and spring sports schedules. Most containers can easily hold multiple shelves or cabinets around the walls, making room for an entire team to store their gear and belongings during the season.

Portable storage containers are perfect for increasing your sports storage space. Whether you need more space for off-season practice equipment, technical gear for communication, or uniforms, the options are endless when using a portable storage container for all of your sports storage requirements. A container can stay on-site and out of the way for easy access or removed to a remote facility for long-term storage. It can even be shipped across the country for those away games. Rent a portable shipping container today to keep that gear safe, organized, and ready to use!

If you need more incentive to rent a shipping container for extra space, check out Porta-Stor’s blog that goes over some other reasons to rent portable storage!

Reasons to Rent Portable Storage Containers

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Reasons to Rent Portable Storage Containers

rent portable storage

There are many other uses for shipping containers besides transporting goods from one location to the other on cargo ships and trains. Do you need to move your belongings from one building to another? Do you have a big event coming up that requires space for tables and chairs? Is your office running out of room for paperwork and other supplies? There are countless reasons to rent portable storage containers for your next project or event. Porta-Stor will take a closer look at the major benefits of renting a portable storage container below!


There are so many ways you can use and repurpose a portable storage container. If you need on-site storage for extra inventory or are remodeling a building, a shipping container is the perfect solution. Or maybe you want to start a little pop-up café or set up a portable office. They’re even used as mobile farms and school buildings around the world! The possibilities are endless when it comes to shipping containers, since they’re a perfect size and shape for most projects that require extra storage space.

[bctt tweet=”The possibilities are endless when it comes to shipping containers, since they’re a perfect size and shape for most projects that require extra storage space.”]

As you look into your options, check out the types of containers that are available. They come in several sizes, the doors can open in different ways, and there are modified containers for specialized jobs, such as providing portable office space. Porta-Stor can help you pick the right container for the job and get it set up the way you need it.

Cost Effective

A shipping container is often the most economical way to get the extra space you need, where you need it. Rent portable storage containers by the month or set up a deal for long-term storage. Unless you need a permanent storage solution and have the space to spare on your land, the option to rent portable storage is your best bet.

This is also a good way for you to test out how well a shipping container works for you if you’re in the process of deciding if you do want to purchase one. But if you just need the extra space for a while, the monthly rental option will save you money. It’ll also and give you peace of mind that your items are being stored securely. With Porta-Stor, you don’t even have to worry about delivery and pickup, because they’re included!

Extra Space

If your business is expanding, but adding space onto your current location is out of the question, then a storage container is a great option to consider. This is an eco-friendly way to expand your business and a unique way to get more people to your location. You can have a shipping container on-site containing bulky supplies and paperwork, or you could even open it up with inventory on display for people to peruse.

Maybe its not your business that needs expanded, but your home. Smaller containers make for great tool and garden sheds or extra storage for your seasonal belongings. As you shop around, you might find that renting a shipping container for part of the year is a better option than installing a shed. This is especially true if you don’t have the space to put one.


If you suddenly have to move or your business is relocating, a portable storage container is easy to move right along with you. These containers are easy to load onto a flatbed and move to a new place, making it one less thing you have to stress about as you change locations. You can simply load anything you need to be relocated into the container without worrying about rushing through the packing process. If you already have a shipping container full of your belongings before you relocate, it makes the process even easier.

The mobility of these containers are also great for pop-up businesses, as you can change the location of your business without signing leases or moving into a new brick and mortar store. This means that you can move around with seasonal festivals, art fairs, or other events going on in your community with ease.

More Security

Porta-Stor containers are made of durable steel and have covers over the location of the lock. This makes it harder to break into and less of a target. Along with being a more secure spot for you belongings, it also holds up against all types of weather. From wind to hail, you can be sure that your storage container will withstand just about anything Mother Nature throws at it. By using a portable storage container, you can relax in the knowledge that your belongings are secure from both thieves and the elements.


When it comes to getting more storage space, the process of renting, placing, and returning a portable storage container is as easy as can be. You simply pick the type of container that’s right for your situation and pay a monthly fee. Then Porta-Stor will deliver it to your preferred location, and when you’re done, we’ll pick it back up. It really can’t get much easier than that. The whole process is done quickly, so you can get the extra storage space you need in no time.

If you decide to rent portable storage for your home or business, you’re choosing an easy, cost effective solution for your space problems. From extra home storage to setting up an on-site office, the uses for shipping containers are endless. Get your belongings out of the way and into a secure, protected, convenient shipping container right away!

Storing Halloween Decorations and Costumes

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Storing Halloween Decorations and Costumes

halloween decorations

With the holiday season upon us, it’s time to start thinking about storage solutions for all of those spooky decorations and creepy costumes. Do you find that your Halloween decorations are taking up more and more space in your home? Instead of shoving everything into the corner of your basement or attic, only to be pulled out all wrinkly and tangled next year, why not think about other storage options you can use to keep those Halloween decorations ready and in great shape? The best part is, these tips can also be used to store all of your seasonal gear and decorations for the other upcoming holidays! Let’s take a look at some suggestions for storing your holiday decor now.

Sort Through Everything

The first step to take as you prepare to store all of those creepy decorations is to sort through every item. Go through the decorations that you put up this year, but more importantly, go through what was left behind in the boxes. Assess whether you’re really going to use each decoration in the future. If the answer is no, then you should donate or trash the item to get it out of the way. There’s no point in storing something you’re never going to use again. This just adds to the clutter instead of the creepiness.

If your storage boxes are really in disarray, it’s helpful to organize all of your seasonal items at once. Gather all of your decorations from all locations of your home (check the garage, attic, closets, basement, under the beds, etc). Once you have all decorations in the same spot, sort them out by season – spring, summer, fall, winter. You don’t want that Santa Claus to be mixed in with the Fourth of July flags when you go to unpack for Christmas! Once everything is seasonally sorted and decluttered, pack the decor into the correct bins together by season and then holiday.

Discard Broken Items and Wrap Decorations

As you go through and sort everything, take great care with all breakable items. If you find anything that’s broken beyond repair, don’t feel bad that you need to toss it. There’s no reason to store something broken beyond use, and you can form new family memories with decorations that are still in working condition.

As for the rest of your decorations, make sure you wrap the breakables up carefully and store them so that they won’t get broken while being moved around or unpacked the following year. You can use bubble wrap, crumpled up newspapers, packing tape, and other squishy materials to make sure these items are safe while being stored. This Porta-Stor blog goes over how to properly store dishes and other breakables, and contains useful information that works for Halloween decorations too.

Use a Storage Unit

There may come a time when you realize that you have more decorations than you have space to store them, and that’s okay! The holidays are a time to go all out, right? Based on how much stuff you have to store, it might be best for you to rent a portable storage container that can hold all of your decorations while keeping them organized, safe, and easily accessible.

A storage container allows you to store in sections by holiday and hang up those costumes, keeping them from wrinkling, tearing, or taking up precious space in your closet. It’s easier on your costumes if you keep them hung up on hangers rather than folded into boxes, especially if you cover them with plastic bags or even sturdier clothing sleeves.

Does your family love to dress up with lots of accessories to make the perfect, detailed costume? You can also keep those piles of Halloween accessories out of the way and protected in a portable storage container. It’s much easier to come up with a costume for everyone each year if you don’t have to toss out the accessories after a single use.

[bctt tweet=”Make storing your Halloween costumes and decorations a breeze with a little organization and some help from Porta-Stor!”]

Keep seasonal totes and bins of decorations labeled and organized together, so that they’re easy to find when you need them. This is much easier to do if you have the space to allow for proper organization. Make storing your Halloween costumes and decorations a breeze with a little organization and some help from Porta-Stor!

How to Make a Haunted House in a Shipping Container!

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How to Make a Haunted House in a Shipping Container!

haunted house

The time of year has come when the witches and goblins come out, along with the superheroes, princesses, and dinosaurs! Halloween is a great holiday for spending quality time with your family, especially if you have children. Haunted houses are a fun-filled tradition, and you can hear the screams coming from inside if you walk past one. But what if there are no haunted houses near your neighborhood? Have you considered building your own? A used shipping container could make your haunted house project idea a reality by providing a durable, convenient, portable structure to decorate. Porta-Stor will take a look at what it would take to build your very own haunted house in a shipping container!

[bctt tweet=”A used shipping container could make your haunted house project idea a reality by providing a durable, convenient, portable structure to decorate.”]

Tips for Creating a Haunted Atmosphere

Are you overwhelmed by the idea of creating a haunted house? Don’t worry, they don’t have to have complicated themes. If you’re not sure about the type of haunted house you want to create, you can easily get a creepy-feeling room without adhering to a theme. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Use different types of lighting. Consider using black lights, flickering lights, or even strobe lights (just make sure there’s a seizure warning at the door if you use flashing lights).
  • Get some eerie sounds going by playing spooky screams, ghoulish laughter, or other creepy recorded sounds. The Internet is full of options to choose from, or you can even record your own!
  • A fog machine goes a long way towards making an area seem more spooky.
  • A gentle fan will get the air moving through the container and add a billowing effect to your cloth and paper hangings and spiderwebs.
  • Add little details and hang them in the corners or from the ceiling, like fake rats, spiders in their webs, and hanging skeletons and bones.
  • Hang some black fabric in strands in the doorways to give the feel of entering somewhere scary. This has the added benefit of keeping it dark inside the container.
  • Section off the space. Haunted houses work best when they feel claustrophobic, not wide open. A sizable shipping container will give you enough space to form some narrow, winding corridors using fabric or another light, easy-to-hang material.
  • Hang a warning or beware sign outside the entrance. This gives a spooky flare to start the adventure but also gives a nice warning to those about to enter.

DIY Projects for a Haunted House

Short on funds? No worries, it’s easy to make spooky decorations yourself with some odds and ends. Let’s check out some props and decorations you can build on your own for your haunted house. None of these will need you to modify the shipping container, but they will definitely make for a scarier haunted house!

Grim Reaper – Start with some PVC pipe or other sturdy rod and build this guy to scale. You can use a foam wig holder or other round object to shape his head. Really make him come to life by making a simple cape with flowing dark cloth. It’s ok if it’s not in good condition – shred up the fabric for a spookier effect! Add some scary accessories to the finished product, like a lantern and hook, which can easily be made in a pinch with cardboard and paint.

Old Dolls – Check the bottom of your child’s toy box or the thrift store to get ahold of some creepy old dolls. Dirty up their clothes and hair. Detach a limb or two, and then hang the pieces from some string to make a creepy mobile for people to bump into as they walk through your haunted house. You can stick them into corners or inside other props for your guests to find.

Body Bags – This is an easy, inexpensive way to create some serious scare. Take some black trash bags and newspaper. Stuff the bags and shape it into a long tube. Now grab some duct tape and start taping and shaping. Start at the bottom with the feet and legs, then work your way up to the torso with some wide shoulders. Don’t forget a smaller part for the head. Lay a few body bags around the floor, propped up against the wall, or hanging from the ceiling to add some fear factor.

Floating Candles – This trick is more about ambiance than scare, but it looks great in a haunted house. Using toilet paper tubes and battery-powered tea lights, create a mystical vibe by hanging these fake candles from the ceiling of your shipping container haunted house with thin string. Not only does it look great, but it will also add the right amount of spooky lighting to the haunted hallways.

While there are many other things you can do to make a killer haunted house, these are a few ideas to help get your creative juices flowing. The best part is that you don’t even need to change the original structure of the shipping container to use it for this purpose. If you just want to rent one of these used containers for the month and host your haunted house, it is so easy to do. Gather some friends and family together and get those scary imaginations flowing to prepare the spookiest haunted house in the neighborhood!

If you do rent a container for this purpose, keep in mind that you should not make permanent changes to it, such as drilling holes or painting it. If you want to decorate the outside, hang some decorations instead!

Considering purchasing a shipping container instead of renting, so you can have one on hand when you need it? Check out Porta-Stor’s guide on things to consider before buying a shipping container!

The Process of Shipping Container Disposal

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The Process of Shipping Container Disposal

container disposal

Shipping containers are built to withstand a lot of pressure, from salty seawater and extreme weather to being stacked on top of each other and dragged around the world. Once the days of transporting goods are done for these steel containers, some are sold to other businesses for gentler storage use, holding items such as inventory overstock, construction materials, or office supplies. Others are repurposed into completely different structures, such as food truckshousesfarms, and more. But what about the many shipping containers that don’t get resold or sent to perform a new purpose and are just left to rot? What happens to the containers that are no longer useful, since they’re so sturdy? Let’s take a look at several methods of shipping container disposal below.

Left to Rust

Leaving a used shipping container to slowly rust is certainly one of the least efficient ways for them to end their days. Not only is a graveyard of rusting containers an ugly sight to look at, it’s also harmful to the earth around the area. Leaving these containers to sit out in the weather and rust away allows many contaminants to seep into the soil and waterways.

[bctt tweet=”We’re seeing fewer and fewer shipping containers sitting and rusting away in dumps as time goes by and we find better methods of container disposal.”]

Fortunately, people have become more aware of the issue and are taking steps to protect the earth. We’re seeing fewer and fewer shipping containers sitting and rusting away in dumps as time goes by and we find better methods of container disposal. This is still the fate for a handful on the millions of containers that are put out of use each year, but it’s a work in progress.


Recycling used shipping containers is a new trend seen around the globe. People are buying them up and using them to build sustainable homes, apartment complexes, offices, small businesses, and other structures. Using a recycled storage container for another purpose is a great way to use something that still has a lot of life left in it.

Shipping containers are also disposed of with more traditional recycling methods. They can be crushed, torn apart, and melted down, and the metals are turned into other metallic objects, leaving fewer containers to rust away in the dump.

Art Containers

A fairly new way to recycle shipping containers is to use them for artistic purposes. At city art fairs, you can see more artists converting these containers into moving art galleries to display their works. The containers also sometimes become a work of art themselves as a metallic canvass or in sculpture!

Schools, Offices, and Homes

As mentioned above, many businesses are buying up these containers to give them new purposes. School districts buy them to convert into extra learning space (or storage space) as the school population grows. Small, sustainable shipping container homes are popping up, and oftentimes you can see added container space to an office building that’s growing fast and in need of more workspace. The possibilities are endless when it comes to recycling and converting these shipping containers.

A big benefit to using these containers as added space is the fact that they’re mobile. You can move your business, school, or office storage where you need it, when you need it. It’s also more convenient, cheaper, and easier to add storage for your business with a container than to move to a larger building.

Marine Debris

Marine debris is a growing problem, and sometimes used shipping containers add to it. In May of 2009, an international standard for dismantling and recycling ships and their shipping containers was set into place to help curb the debris of these vessels going into the ocean and other waterways. With other organizations in place to monitor the water and keep the marine debris from ships and other land-based contaminants, this standard can help make sure all shipping containers are disposed of or repurposed in a better way.

Shipping container disposal methods have improved over time. We’re no longer content with simply leaving them to rust in a heap on the land or in the ocean. They’re being recycled in several ways, from more traditional disassembling to reusing them in unique and creative ways!

Home Remodeling and Renovation Storage

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Home Remodeling and Renovation Storage

home remodeling

Starting a home remodeling or renovation project can be very exciting, but that excitement quickly turns into stress once the realities start to set in. How long will the remodel take? Which areas of the house will be available and which will be unusable throughout the process? And just where are you going to put all of your stuff? It’s helpful to set up a storage solution to use before starting a home remodeling or renovation, so that you can get your family’s belongings and furniture out of the way of the workers. You’ll feel better knowing that your stuff is safe and secure, far away from the potentially damaging construction area. If you get organized from the start, the process can stay exciting! Below, Porta-Stor will look at a few options you have when it comes to storage solutions and organization of your belongings while your home gets a facelift.

Organize as you Go

In the rush to get a renovation project started, it can be tempting to just empty those closets and cabinets hastily into boxes. But then what happens when you go to look for that one important thing that was in that closet ? Do you know which box it’s in? Where is that box?

While emptying the contents of your rooms is the best time to go through your belongings one by one. Pack similar things together and label your boxes clearly. Organize those labeled boxes so you can easily see and access what you need, when you need it. Even if you don’t need access during the project, some proper labeling and organization will make it easier to place your belongings back into the right location when the remodel is done.

Use this time to really assess what you use. It’s likely that you have many belongings that are in bad shape and/or never used. Not everything needs to go back into those spaces when your renovation is complete. Organize your belongings into piles to donate, trash, or keep, and remove what you no longer need. There’s no point in packing away items that aren’t useful to you any longer!

Movable Storage Solutions

Having a storage system that moves easily adds extra convenience as you move your belongings around. Not only is this a good idea with portable shipping containers that can move a lot of belongings from one building to another, but it also works on a smaller scale. Think of your bedroom closet. If your bedroom is getting remodeled, you will need to move all of those clothes and boxes out of the closet. Rolling clothing racks help you easily transfer the clothes from one location to another. You can put them in the other room or wheel them into a portable storage container. This keeps your clothing more accessible without having to stuff them into boxes to dig through later. You can also use rolling plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes. These can easily be rolled to their new location and are easier to see inside.

Rent a Storage Container

You have your boxes organized and labeled, some clothing racks ready to roll, and those rolling storage totes good to go. Now where do you store all of it? If you have a large renovation job or your home just does not have enough extra storage space for remodeling, you should look into portable storage options.

[bctt tweet=”If you have a large renovation job or your home just does not have enough extra storage space for remodeling, you should look into portable storage options.”]

Using a storage container that’s portable will allow you to have the container delivered directly to your driveway. Once parked there, you can place all of your belongings into the container, organized and stored just the way you want them. Once you have it filled, it can stay on location for as long as necessary for the job to be complete.

Or, if you prefer, it can also be picked up and moved to a secured location where your belongings will be stored until your renovation is complete and you’re ready for the container to be dropped back into your driveway. This solution is ideal for the belongings you don’t need to access as often, like furniture and seasonal items. Often these containers are used if the renovation job is larger than one room.

If you know that the home renovation plans are going to take several months, then you may want to look into renting a storage container. This is a good option to hold larger items and/or organize a lot of smaller boxes. Porta-Stor offers free delivery and pickup for all of our containers. Ease your mind that your belongings are in a safe, secured container, while still having access to get anything you might need.

Based on the type of renovation your home is undergoing and the length of time it will take, you have several options. You could try to cram all of your belongings into the garage or spare room, but a storage container will give you much more space to organize and store everything. It would also provide an easy to way either store them on-site or transport them out of the way to a secure facility. When it comes time to clear out space for a remodeling project, find a storage solution that will work for you!